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Royal Dolphin By Emper Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz Men

Royal Dolphin By Emper Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz Men

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This captivating scent captures the essence of a distinguished and confident man, weaving together a symphony of invigorating citrus, aromatic lavender, and sensual jasmine to create a fragrance fit for a king.

At the beginnings of Royal Dolphin lies a delightful blend of Bergamot and Citrus Notes. The fragrance opens with a burst of fresh and zesty bergamot, infusing the composition with a bright and invigorating energy. The citrus notes dance in harmony, adding a touch of vibrancy that sets the stage for the majestic journey that awaits.

As the fragrance unfolds, Lavender takes center stage, accompanied by the captivating charm of Jasmine. Lavender's aromatic elegance weaves an aura of sophistication and refinement, evoking the image of a gentleman of noble stature. The sensual allure of jasmine complements the lavender, infusing the composition with a touch of intrigue and charm.

The heart of Royal Dolphin continues to captivate, as the lavender and jasmine harmoniously blend, creating a distinguished and alluring experience that resonates with the wearer's innate sense of confidence.

As the fragrance reaches its crescendo, the aromatic symphony of Lavender and Jasmine lingers, leaving a trail of elegance and sophistication that leaves a lasting impression.

Royal Dolphin by Emper is a fragrance that celebrates the essence of masculine power and allure. It is designed for the modern man who embraces his inner strength and carries himself with confidence and grace.


TOP NOTES: Thyme, Saffron, Cypress

MIDDLE NOTES: Rose, Iris, Jasmine

BASE NOTES: Amber, Vanilla, Vetiver, White Cedar, Musk

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