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Yara & Khamrah by Lattafa Set of 2 Full Size Fragrances

Yara & Khamrah by Lattafa Set of 2 Full Size Fragrances

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Introducing the Luxe Duo: "Yara & Khamrah" Set by Lattafa – Unveil the Allure of Arabic Fragrances

Elevate your fragrance experience with the irresistible "Yara & Khamrah" Set by Lattafa – a pairing of two bestselling full-size Arabic fragrances that redefine sophistication and charm.

1. Yara: Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Yara, a fragrance that effortlessly blends floral and woody notes. Radiating elegance and grace, Yara is a bestseller that captures the essence of femininity with every captivating whiff.

2. Khamrah: Unleash the power of seduction with Khamrah, an enchanting fragrance that combines oriental and spicy accords. This bestselling scent is a celebration of boldness and allure, leaving an indelible mark wherever you go.

The "Yara & Khamrah" Set is a curated collection that showcases the artistry of Lattafa's perfumery. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted to offer a unique olfactory experience, reflecting the diverse facets of a woman's personality.

Indulge in the luxury of these full-size fragrances, perfect for every occasion. Whether you choose the timeless sophistication of Yara or the magnetic allure of Khamrah, this set ensures that you make a statement wherever life takes you.

These bestselling fragrances are more than scents; they are an embodiment of elegance and confidence. The "Yara & Khamrah" Set is your passport to a world of sensory indulgence, where every spray is a journey into the captivating realms of Arabic perfumery.
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