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Arabia Orchid By Le Chameau Eau De Parfum 3.4 oz Women

Arabia Orchid By Le Chameau Eau De Parfum 3.4 oz Women

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TOP NOTES: Truffle, Plum

HEART NOTES: Rum, Ylang-Ylang, Black Orchid

BASE NOTES: Patchouli.

Indulge in the enchanting allure of Arabia Orchid by Emper, a fragrance that paints a mesmerizing olfactory canvas.

At the heart of this composition, the rare truffle, succulent plum, and rich rum notes intertwine, creating an opulent tapestry of indulgence.

As the fragrance unfolds, the ylang-ylang and black orchid notes emerge, infusing the scent with a sense of exotic sophistication. This harmonious blend captures the essence of mystery and elegance, unveiling a world of hidden beauty.

The journey culminates with the earthy embrace of patchouli, adding depth and sensuality to the fragrance. Arabia Orchid is more than a scent; it's a tale of luxury and intrigue, whispered on the skin. Let Arabia Orchid become an embodiment of your unique allure, a fragrance that lingers long after you've left the room.

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