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Fakhar by Lattafa Eau de Parfum for Men 3.4 oz

Fakhar by Lattafa Eau de Parfum for Men 3.4 oz

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Fakhar for Men by Lattafa: A Symphony of Strength and Elegance

Step into a world of distinction with Fakhar, an Arabic fragrance for men by Lattafa that resonates with strength and refined elegance. This commanding perfume is a carefully crafted composition of notes, each one contributing to an olfactory masterpiece that captures the essence of sophistication.

At the outset, the top notes open with a burst of freshness — the crispness of apple, the citrus brightness of bergamot, and the spicy allure of ginger. This initial impression is like a confident stride, setting the tone for a fragrance that embodies power and charisma.

As Fakhar unfolds, the heart notes reveal a dynamic blend of aromatic richness. Lavender, sage, juniper berries, and geranium converge to create a harmonious bouquet that balances strength with a touch of floral grace. It's a captivating interlude that adds depth and complexity.

In the base notes, the fragrance descends into a realm of enduring warmth and sophistication. Tonka bean infuses a sweet richness, amberwood imparts a velvety depth, cedar adds a woody resonance, and vetiver provides an earthy nuance. Together, they create a lasting presence that resonates with both power and refinement.

Fakhar for Men is more than just a fragrance; it's a statement of confidence and timeless allure, an aromatic expression of individuality. With its carefully curated notes, it captures the essence of strength and charisma. Let Fakhar be your olfactory signature, an embodiment of the bold elegance that is uniquely yours.


TOP NOTES: Apple, Bergamot, Ginger

MIDDLE NOTES: Lavender, Sage, Juniper Berries, Geranium

BASE NOTES: Lavender, Sage, Juniper Berries, Geranium

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