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Melina By Emper Eau de Parfum 2.7 oz Women

Melina By Emper Eau de Parfum 2.7 oz Women

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Melina: A captivating blend of fruity, floral, and woody notes for the modern, sophisticated woman.

Embrace sophistication with Melina by Emper, a perfume crafted for the modern woman who appreciates elegance and allure. Opening with a burst of fruity sweetness from litchi, pear, and bergamot, this fragrance transitions seamlessly to a heart of luxurious Turkish rose and the mysterious depth of oud. The base notes of incense, vanilla, woody tones, and amber add warmth and complexity, creating an enchanting and elegant aroma that leaves a lasting impression.


TOP NOTES: Litchi, Pear, Bergamot.

HEART NOTES: Turkish Rose, Agarwood (Oud).

BASE NOTES: Incense, Vanilla, Woody Notes, Amber.

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